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Please call your contribution „Crossroads 2023“ and wire it to:

IBAN: AT902081500042036764

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Support Crossroads with your time and energy!
Since Crossroads is currently operating on a super small budget, we’re relying on the support of many good people who volunteer to make the festival happen. If you’d like to join as well please write us an Email.
Thanks so much for your support!

Working together with various organizations, initiatives and engaged people is an integral part of Crossroads’ concept. If you’re interested in supporting the festival or working together in other ways please write us an Email.

Sponsoring: Sharing goals? Let’s work together! 
If you run a company (or know somebody who does) which shares some of Crossroads’ goals (to help creating a better world basically! ;) ) , we’d love to work together! Please send us an Email.